Simply Luxurious - Silk Scarf

"Her lips were like the soft beauty of a delicately designed silken scarf."

--- Howard Gordon

There is something that feels stagnant about having things you don't use or wear. But scarves are my thing. Especially the designed scarves originated from my paintings, that each piece carries a story, a meaning, a symbol of freedom.

free movement with "scarf skirt" - holiday in Bali

I still remembered the first time I saw Marine, the most elegant French lady I have ever met, with beautiful blue eyes and charming smile. She was briefing the hostesses on hosting an event at French pavilion Shanghai Expo 2010...and she was wearing a silken scarf.

Now I just realized it was the confidence with which French women wear their signature accessory that made them look so elegant and sophisticated.

Now you might consider welcoming scarves into your signature style.

A Simple Accessory

Jewelry provides wonderful options for wearing accessories and finishing an outfit, but the beauty of a scarf is that it can take center stage and eliminate the need for extra accessories. Not sure which necklace or earrings to wear, choose neither and wear a beautiful silk scarf.

Designed scarf by Cady

A Layer of Warmth

A silk blend scarf is perfect in the summer and understandably in the autumn. Also, always carry one in your tote while traveling to stay warm on air-conditioned planes. If you have been to cities like Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore, you would know that a silk scarf is really handy where ever in the malls, offices or taxis.

Signature Elephant scarf by Cady

A Touch of Color

By choosing a beautiful print silk scarf, it adds that necessary pop or finishing touch that can change up an outfit just enough.

Master Collection Scarf by Cady

Get in Touch with Your Inner Creativity Like many of you, channeling my inner creative style involves feeling a bit more confident, much more sensual and all the more certain that I know how to pull together chic, timeless style. Wear a classic sheath dress and simply throw a scarf over your shoulders for a simple, yet luxuriously fabulous look.

floral scarf by Cady

So why not...wear a scarf ?

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