VIEWING: APRIL 26 - MAY 17 2019
Shanghai China

“Follow your BLISS and the universe will open doors where there were only walls.”

— Joseph Campbell

BLISS is emerging artist Cady Sun’s first solo exhibition in Shanghai. It showcases her latest selected portraits, figures and landscapes in media ranging from original oil paintings to illustration drawings and prints in a “flow”format that embraces the spirit of modernism. 


People and their psyche are the primary subject of Cady’s painting. She seeks to explore human nature, emotion and individualism and to hold up a concretized image of human nature and our place in the universe.  There is a strong emphasis on a glorification the past and stylized movie themes that is manifested via a vivid contrast of colors and shades of light. Cady believes that the perpetual beauty in art is the pathway to her bliss. Walk with her through the show to explore your own bliss and experience a moment of love for existence.

© 2019  by Cady Sun​

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