"Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value-judgments."

---- Ayn Rand

Cady devotes her life to studying our world and the people in it through reading, personal interactions, travel and, above all, art.


From dance to painting, different art forms are an expression of the human mind, providing explanation and meaning to our existence.   


The tremendous transformation and meteoric rise of Shanghai as an international mega-city has provided a backdrop to Cady’s life.  This has presented immense opportunity but also asked many challenging questions for the people who have lived through this time.  As the concrete jungle and gleaming glass towers have sprung up, many people have a vastly improved lifestyle but there arises a chasm between material progress and personal fulfillment.  


Cady strives to use her art to help people achieve that fulfillment, inspire them and, in a small yet significant way, speak to the spirit and heart of mankind thereby providing meaning to people’s modern day lives.

A devoted ballet barre lover who practices daily, Cady admires ballerinas for their elegant and beautiful dance move built by strength and discipline. Cady loves to travel and explore all the greatest cities in the world.